“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

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Tumblr Loves Halloween 

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the never ending film challenge | [3/?] male characters » Sam Wilson

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Why isn’t there a marvel movie where Nastasha Romanoff and Darcy Lewis are kidnapped together and spend the movie taking down their misogynystic kidnappers

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501. Muggleborns accidentally calling Dumbledore “Gandalf”.

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I was at Starbucks getting my pumpkin spice fix when I hear “excuse me but I really like your AoS shirt” and I turn around to say thank you when CLARK GREGG

"Excuse me but I really like your AoS shirt."

You amazing, adorable man. Don’t ever change.

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This one wins

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the dream

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me: *sees girl in a pizza john shirt* Hey, I like your shirt!
girl: Wait, you do?
girl: Do you know who this is?
me: Yeah... of course.
girl: Good, can you tell me?
me: It's John Green....
me: the author....
me: who wrote The Fault in Our Stars....
me: which just got made into a movie...
girl: OHHHH! Wait, why does it say pizza? And why does he look like a creeper?
me: He runs a youtube channel with his brother, Hank. It's a joke from one of the videos that got turned into a t-shirt.
girl: Oh, okay.
me: Um, if you didn't know who it was, why'd you get it?
girl: Oh, I found it at Goodwill.
if i found a pizza john shirt at goodwill and didn't know who the weird guy on the front was, i can't say i'd buy it, but, you know, to each their own. it also turns out that she had been confused by the number of nerdfighters who told her they liked it that day. she had no idea why this shirt with a man with a creeper mustache on it was so popular.
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Just saw a really cute pizza john boy at the societies fair uni is going to break me

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